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The Adventure Kids Play With Fireworks

Devin, Matt and Kelly return in this fun adventure that finds Devin trying to get some fireworks for the “gang” before the holiday!

Matt still insists that they’re not in a gang, but is agreeable with the fireworks idea. Kelly is a little skittish about using the fireworks; she’s quickly convinced by the others that as long as she isn’t the one to light them, it isn’t disobeying her parents.

It’s a humorous story about personal interactions with people that aren’t always nice, friendly, and sometimes don’t even make any sense.

Convoluted logic and arguments between the gang ensue as the story comes to a head when the Adventure Kids begin to play “The Firecracker Game”.


This quick read is the followup to The Adventure Kids and the Abandoned Mine, but they don’t require you to read them in order.

The Adventure Kids Play With Fireworks is available exclusively on Amazon for the Kindle. Interested in a different format? Let me know!


I’ve finally decided to set up an “Official” site for my writings here. Not that I’ve (self-)published that much, but it’s a nice way to differentiate between my webcomic, my blog/instagram/twitter and other ventures that currently exist.

So…. yeah. That’s about it.